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Vedanta courses

Online Vedanta learning programme

What is an online learning programme?

Traditionally, gurukulam is a Sanskrit word for the family of the Guru, the one who removes self ignorance by the teachings passed on from the rishi-s. The gurukulam is a place where the students live with the guru for a certain length of time, with self growth and self discovery as the focus.

Certain features of life in the gurukulam such as live teaching, one-on-one interaction, guidance on life issues can be done online in a teaching programme. But, our lives are not online. Hence certain features of teaching and learning are best handled offline. The online learning programme is to be considered as a supplement and a complement, to in person teaching through residential retreats/camps and courses.

Vedanta study or the enquiry is of you in the light of the vision of the sastrā -s.

Traditionally, a twelve year period of study of Vedanta is considered as complete. This includes the study of you in the light of the Prasthana trayi – Bhagavad Gita, Upanisads and Brahmasutrā -s and some prakarana grantha-s (texts that cover some topics which are basic yet detailed).

Course content:

Text: As per the tradition, the teacher chooses texts that are suitable to the group of students. Any text of Vedanta is considered a framework for unfolding the words pointing to the absolute reality.

Meditation: A meditation session as a part of the class is conducted from time to time as appropriate. Students are introduced to the type of meditation appropriate to them in the class. Some of the meditations conducted can be accessed here.

Mantras and stotram-s (verses): Mantras are in the form of sacred sounds and words contained in the Vedas which are revealed knowledge by Iśvara. The potency and practice of the mantras depends on learning the proper intonation and pronunciation.

Mantras and stotram-s, if chanted correctly create very powerful effects in one’s body, mind and all of one’s life situations. Stotram-s and Mantras are very important in a seeker’s life and are chanted or sung invoke grace. Stotram -s and mantra-s can be learnt by enrolling in classes.

Course format:

  1. Online class once a week for an hour followed by Q and A pertaining to class. The class includes chanting of the verses which is repeated by the students. The word meaning of the verses along with the relevance of the verse in everyday life along with contemporary examples are shared.
  2. Meditation – Students will be introduced to different types of meditation that will be helpful to them while the many myths and misconceptions will be clarified.
  3. One-one session with teacher once in two months in person or on Zoom/skype or a phone conversation.(optional – initiated by student if required)
  4. Disciplines/certain practices suitable to the student will be given in class or one-one online.
  5. Homework assignments pertaining to situations in life will be given from time to time.

(The student is accountable to report the completion or the progress of the tasks given.)


Adults above the age of 23 years who are :

  1. sincere and are willing to be students (To be able to relate to a teacher, you have to discover the śiṣyā (student) in you).
  2. committed to their self growth and self discovery.
  3. have a sense of accountability and have the spirit of doing what it takes.

In discovering the śiṣya in you, you become open and receptive to learning.

This program is not for casual listeners who are interested in anything and everything related to spirituality.

The program requires a time commitment of 1 -3 hours per week.

Ongoing courses

The ongoing courses below involve a systematic study where different Vedanta texts are  taught in a class according to what the group needed alongside the practice of meditation, prescribed disciplines and Q and A sessions with the teacher.

All courses are LIVE online also via Zoom software. Recordings of the following texts are available on request :Drg drśya Viveka, Muṇdakopanisad, Upadeśa  Sāram, Sādhana Panchakam, Bhagavad Gita – Ch.8,10.

For details, write to

Bhaava  – Discover the dance of emotion in Vedanta

Online course (via Zoom)

Four online sessions

Recordings are available on youtube

 Vishnuprasadah course (ongoing since May 2014)

Thursday, 7.30 – 8.30 pm

Bhagavad Gita (Ongoing Ch.9), Andheri and online (via Zoom)

Andheri West

 Eligibility: People who are interested in self growth and are curious about the wisdom of Bhagavad Gita and its teachings. It is preferable if you watch atleast 3-4 videos of the series of ‘Value of Values’ mentioned above. Write to if you are interested in joining.

Krishnaprasadah course (ongoing since Jan 2014)

Saturday, 11.00 am – 12.00 noon, Borivali and online (via Zoom)

Bhagavad Gita (Ongoing Ch.11) 

Borivali East

Eligibility: People who are interested in self growth and are curious about the wisdom of Bhagavad Gita and its teachings.

It is preferable for you to watch atleast 3-4 videos of the series of ‘Value of Values’ mentioned in the Watch section.   Write to if you are interested in joining.

Shivaprasadah course (ongoing since Jan 2015)

Monday 4-5 pm, Borivali and online (via Zoom)

Borivali East

Eligibility: Preferably people who have been exposed to at least first four chapters of Bhagavad Gita by Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati or some Vedanta classes by any teacher from Arsha Vidya.

Write to if you are interested in joining.

If none of these courses are suitable to you and there is a group of 15-25 people online, we can explore starting a new course of study. Please write to us.