Dr. Bina Nangia, Delhi

It is truly my Punya phalam which has got me in touch with Swaminiji, my guru. I was learning Vedanta from various people but Swaminiji has given me the clarity which I needed. Her knowledge of Vedanta is profound, style of teaching, accommodating everyone at whatever level of learning they maybe is amazing. She is clear, systematic and disciplined in her approach.

Swaminiji’s infectious laughter and her smiling face is a treat for me. She has been always available, be it questions on Vedanta or personal situations. It is the comfort level she has given me. In terms of personal growth and change, there has been a 360 degrees shift. What more can I ask Ishvara for? Amazing grace!!!
I am sure I will continue to learn from her and bow my head at her feet. In gratitude always to Swamini Brahmaprajnananda Saraswatiji.

Dileep V, Hyderabad

Om shri gurubhyoh namah. My first experience while studying from Swaminiji is that I have found my path. This is exactly how I wanted to travel to reach my goal (moksha). Second thing I learnt is, normally we have a notion that Vedanta is different and life is different. It’s actually because of Swaminiji’s teaching I learnt that discovery of Ishwara is very much part of life and it is a continuous process.

I like Swaminiji‘s classes because I feel she understands the human mind. Sometimes during classes she explains those very little things in life where we create lot of stress for ourselves. Actually her teaching helped me to have a freer mind in my pursuit. Often I feel that it is Ishwara’s grace that I am studying at her feet and I am extremely happy and thankful for that.

Duilio Tadeu, Brazil
I would like to thank her for the joy to meet her and also the words and teachings. Her simplicity is inspiring to me. I look forward to finding in myself ‘the simple person’. I have to say that the teachings of the camp helped me understand dharma and the role of dharma in my life as Isvara.

With her teachings I could understand better the way to relate with my wife. I think that it may be a turning point for me.

Gabriel, Brazil
I can only think that I must have a bunch of good karma because I had the opportunity of meeting Swamini ji twice. To study and receive teachings from her is a huge, unutterable blessing.

She has a unique, gentle way of conducting classes and guiding our minds. That ‘s really touching! She made everything so easy and beautiful for us. Maybe it sounds silly to say but she is a great protector of our parampara and I am sure that our gurus are happy with her commitment.
By her choosing me as the translator I was honored and transformed. Now I know I can do it and I hope to do it again.

Elaine Rochetti, Brazil
I feel the presence of Ishvara guiding me, correcting me, teaching me, encouraging me, deeply loving me through Swamini’s presence, her words, her eyes.

Understanding her English classes was a blessing. How magical. I really don’t understand how it was possible. I felt blessed with the opportunity of meeting her.

Today I can see myself walking in Ishvara and with Ishvara, walking together with my family, contemplating the blessings of life.

Gunjan Arora, Delhi

Although no words or deeds could ever be sufficient enough to describe the value of what I have gathered from Swaminiji, still I would try to make an effort and express my deep gratitude and love for the teaching I have gained from her.

Having first introduced me to the content and context of the shastra, over these past years, she made the learning of the texts so easy to identify with, so personal and yet so deep and meaningful that it is something which has become a part of my daily attitude and living. In inculcating the teaching as a part of my daily lifestyle, I feel now when I observe, how close it has become to my heart and how it has helped me evolve to a different level of maturity in dealing with circumstances and people.

My motivation in learning the shastra has increased and so has the connection with it. The way she relates the knowledge of the shastra to our personal and daily lives is an extraordinary way of making the two inseparable. I have so much to be thankful for. From first letting me to be a part of the classes, to taking personal interest in solving my queries, to giving her time over the classes, and finally to, so beautifully and wonderfully, teaching me the mantras, I am going to be forever grateful to her.

Just really want to say that her presence in my life makes me feel the presence of Ishvara in and around me.

Hiral Rathod, Mumbai

The understanding given by Swamini ji with relevant examples helps me to understand the meaning of the verses of Bhagavad Gita in a much better and clear way.

The pace in which she explains things allows enough time for the understanding to settle within us.

Even though same doubts come up again and again, she tries to clear them and bridge the gaps in our understanding time and again and ensure that the doubts are radically cleared.

The simple language and words in her explanations, with easy to relate examples and her vast experience and articulation to relate the teachings with ourselves and our daily life helping us to see things in the right light and manner.

Carlos Andrade, Brazil

You know that feeling of borrowing the teacher’s mind during a class? It was my feeling at this Vedanta camp. It was revealing to feel this freedom of understanding even by living strong emotional processes, realizing that the “comfort” of knowledge makes you prefer simplicity to luxury.

I felt literally blessed in Dhanyashtakam’s classes with Swaminiji. What an amazing human being! I’ll never forget that laugh throwing her head back. The conversations with her and Jonas in breaks and meals… The daily examples, practical lessons were so valuable and complemented the “theoretical” lessons that were given! I go home wanting to stay another week. But I follow with confidence and that subtle signs of the existence of this knowledge show me that the knowledge already lives in me.

Isadora Selig Ferraz, Brazil

I’m a student of Vedanta, Vedic chants, Sanskrit and Vedic culture. It’s the primordial goal in my life to understand who I am and to recognize the happy being I already am. I study in Brazil with my teacher Vishvanatha. I went to the Vedanta camp promoted by his Institute on September and I took Vedanta classes, did yoga asanas, physical and psychological exercises. I participated in pūjās and I had a disciplined and balanced daily sadhana.

And I had the unique opportunity to know and study with Swamini Brahmaprajnananda. With her, I received a new perspective in terms of language concerning the same theme. It was a new connection in my mind and my heart. I used to cry during her classes, due the depth of knowledge and the way it was being transmitted.

Blessed tears of love. Swaminiji touched my heart with her kindness, compassion and her power. My mind was completely absorbed during her classes. She has a power and presence to understand minds, to practice her seva and, the most important, to explain Iśvara, with a poetic language and a tender way of speaking. The knowledge is alive through her words, gestures and actions. I could say she has a “shakti effect” in her words, as the “ānanda” in her name. I wish to learn with Swaminiji again. Om tat sat.

Jean Couto (Janak), Brazil
It was very important for Swamini to be with us. She crossed the ocean and brought with her Vedanta’s living fragrance.

With the puja, the mantras, my relationship with Isvara has further improved. I see the world as a great puja. When I relate to the other, I do puja, When I relate to my thoughts, I do puja, With the situations I do puja. When I relate to myself I am doing puja and thus I can return very simply what Isvara in every state is giving me.

To be in the world is to be with Isvara. To be a student of the teacher is to be a student of Isvara. To listen to the Swamini is to listen to Isvara.

Joao Goulart Ribeiro, Portugal
I started studying with Swamini ji about a year ago. From the beginning I was in love with the objectivity and simplicity with which she passes the teaching.

Swamini ji always made me feel welcomed, always encouraged me to live up to my priorities.

Through the clarity of her words and the example she is, she shows me how to follow a life of values, help me to see that at this moment I am totally acceptable, not to be so hard on myself, to transform all the situations of my day-to-day in growth opportunities.

Through the Vedic tradition, Swamini ji created in me, in a gentle and appealing way, a context of transformation, always having as the main focus, the view that, what I seek, I Am.’

Kavita Shah, Mumbai
Swaminiji is a traditional teacher of Advaita Vedanta, continuing the Guru-Shishya Parampara of Sanatana Dharma.

It has been truly a blessing to study under her.

She nurtures students with patience and right guidance. She teaches with an absolute clarity.

In last two years, I have been able to integrate my thinking and feelings. I have been able to drop my notions, concepts and roles in the wake of self knowledge.

Kumkum Mukherjee, USA

I have been blessed to study with Swamini Brahmaprajnananda ji.  While Pujya Swami Dayananda ji introduced the beauty of the shastras to the world in an easy to understand way, Swaminiji’s classes continues that tradition by unfolding the words of the shastras in a manner that makes it real and applicable in my daily life.

Vedantic study being the essence and guide of my life, shraddha in the Guru is a given.  Still, hearing Swaminiji in her classes and speaking to her one on one, it is so clear that she relates to our daily experiences (be it at home, at work, or the community) and teaches from the level of where the student currently is.  For me, it deepens my understanding, makes the teaching come alive, and also highly applicable to the daily situations one faces.  All done in strict accordance to the sampradaya.  I cannot be more grateful to Ishvara for having reached Pujya Swamiji and Swaminiji’s presence in this lifetime.  It has made my life including its variety of experiences, increasingly a fearless, trusting, and dharmic journey. My koti pranams to them for their wisdom and teaching. Om.

Purnima Bhat, Mumbai
Om, It gives me immense pleasure to say that while my journey in search of knowledge has already begun, my search of a Guru has been completed in finding Swaminiji Brahmaprajnananda Saraswatiji.

During these three and a half years, what I have gained is enormous. She is the ocean and my “Patrata” to acquire is very limited. However, I would make persistent efforts and put on my best to acquire the knowledge for which her blessings are always there. She is not a teacher but a Guru who teaches in the simple language and repeats until the subject is understood by us. Like in a Guru Shishya Parampara, she has interactions with us, she asks questions so that the wrong notions are removed. Often we have exercises unfolding our personalities. Challenging our ideas and thereby bringing changes in our mithya ideas. The way she explains has led us to some introspection about ourselves and helped in bringing changes in our attitude towards family members, relatives and friends, etc. She has enlightened us in distinguishing between mithya and real and that has enabled us to reduce our cravings for objects.

Earlier for every little difference with family members I used to become emotional. Now slowly I have started accepting everybody and their ideas also. This gives me peace.

During the teachings of Bhagavad Gita, through Arjuna’s problem our life problems have been solved. When Bhagavan says to Arjuna that you are killing only the body and not the Atma. Many life journeys have taken place and you would have met them, so do not grieve. This teaching helped me to bear the loss of my mother. The teaching that everything is ‘Anitya’, and ever changing has reduced my ‘Moha’ for persons and objects. My unnecessary worries have reduced.

The teaching of Vishnu Sahasra Namam has strengthened my faith in Ishwara, my feeling of loneliness has gone. The feeling of insecurity has gone as I am convinced Ishvara accompanies me every moment and at no point of time I am an orphan. I am happy with whatever I get. I feel content with what I have. I have started accepting whatever comes and whoever comes in my life as I have realised what I cherish is the result of my past ‘Karma’. So there is no complaint anymore against anyone as I have understood I reap the fruits of my past karma. Swaminiji, as a Guru, has changed my vision of life for which I will ever be obliged. At this moment my heart is full of gratitude and words fall short to express the feeling of gratitude. As this knowledge of Brahmavidya will require many life times to understand, I pray to Ishwara to get her as my guru in my future life journey also.

Rashmi Kaikini, Mumbai
Swaminiji, my Guru, my Vedanta teacher as I know her is so very compassionate. I just admire her for her immense patience in reaching out to us with our problems, doubts or confusions in life or in the teachings. The details which she brings to the explanation of the Shastra is phenomenal. To make the student see what the guru is able to see is itself a humongous task which she does with such ease that I just love listening to her.

The teachings have blessed me to graduate from seeing Isvara only in puja corner of the house or in the temple, to Isvara as pervading the whole jagat and in my day to day functioning, to that of Isvara as Me alone. This understanding puts most of my conflicts to rest and I am free and my mind available when it is needed.

Rekha Nair, Mumbai
I have been really blessed to have Swaminiji as my guru and to have been exposed to the teachings of Vedanta. She has always been kind and compassionate to hear me out every time and help me & my family in difficult situations. I started attending the classes when I was going through a very tough period in my life. I truly believe that the teachings of the Bhagvad Gita unfolded by her with references to the present life situations and world really helps one to understand the teachings better and apply to one’s life. It has really helped me to calm down, has reduced my anxiety, increased my belief in prayers and accepting things and situations in life which I cannot change (which is difficult at times). Though I still have to work hard to be a good student and understand the teachings better, I hope to continue in this path of knowledge. I thank Swaminiji for her guidance and her blessings which has helped me immensely and I am grateful to have her as my teacher. Harih Om.

Santosh Shriyan, Mumbai
Bhagavad Gita has always been a mysterious book for me and I was very skeptical to begin reading it during my childhood days. During my school vacations I used to read Ramayana and the Mahabharat, collections provided by Amar Chitra Katha, and B.R.Chopra’s Mahabharat TV series remains in my memory from then.

Thanks to the introduction from Sheela aunty, I started attending Swaminiji’s Bhagavad Gita classes in mid-December 2016, starting from Chapter 7. The teachings under Swaminiji has helped me a lot giving different perspectives of understanding the divinity of God through our own life activities. Her explanations of various stanzas in the chapters puts a deeper meaning in our life, how our karmas come back to us and the grace of divine God under which we prevail in the real world despite tough situations. Sometimes, in the real world, some mentioned words or statements of Bhagavad Gita are quite often misinterpreted by us and takes us completely off the learning track. But here being under Swaminiji’s guidance, the explanation of such statements gives us deep value added thoughts. Such thought process strengthens our inner self, a realization of us being potentially much stronger than what we are in our/the human body. Listening to her explanations and having few one on one conversations, thoughts on my daily life routines have opened up a wider perspective where everything in this universe is connected under the grace of divine power where we are experiencing our own karmas in our activities which we can do more for the betterment and upliftment of our life’s purpose.

Seema Pillai, Mumbai
Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu Guru Devo Maheshwara!
Swaminiji for me is Brahma as she has created an atmosphere within me to study the knowledge of self which has helped me to grow emotionally and also to walk the path of Dharma which is the most important aspect. I learnt that all pursuits of my life should be on path of Dharma!

She is Vishnu to me as she sustains me on the path of knowledge by continued questions which keep me thinking and doing my homework and learning and understanding the teachings of Vedanta!

She is also Shiva to me as she destroys all false values and low tendencies in me which I have about myself and shines her light and makes me aware.

Swaminiji is truly Parmeshwara for me as she has come to my life to show me my true Nature that is Sat Chit Ananda !

Sheela Surendran, Mumbai
To begin with, as a teacher Swaminiji teaches so effortlessly that understanding becomes easier and the clarity is explicit. The concern and the love is felt deeply that as a student I bow down to her but recently the compassion that I saw in her eyes was something really different. It was like Pujya Swamiji was standing in front of me. It cannot be explained.

The teaching has helped and really changed me a lot. I learned to assimilate the values of values in my life, learned to accept everything even if it was difficult. I have become more emotionally mature. I am learning to give my best in all situations. Every event whether good or bad changes. This learning helped me to move through situations easily. Learning to take charge and make a difference in my life. Even though I am still disturbed by many facts but I will learn to be more loving and acceptance towards myself so that nothing disturbs me. This kind of understanding I have because of her teaching and care.

Swaminiji is none other than Ishwara and the recognition that I’m also that, will soon happen. Om.

Varsha Patel, Mumbai
Swamini ji is an excellent teacher. The teaching has changed my attitude towards life and the people around me, certain aspects and their effect on me, how to deal with mental conflicts, how to be impartial and non-judgmental. By trying to understand sastra-s I am trying to understand, ‘What is the meaning of life?’ What is my ultimate goal and Who is Ishvara? Apart from that, I was having prejudices for rituals. But the teaching has helped me understand the meaning of rituals, why it is done. The teaching has helped me remain steady during my life threatening illness. Ofcourse, there is regular impact and reaction in certain situations but I realise sooner now and become calm. All this makes me want to study sastras more. I am really blessed to have her as a Guru.