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enrolling in a course on Dharma

If you were to ask, ‘What is is that makes anyone happy?’ the specifics may differ. It may range from watching a movie to being with a loved one to creating a new project to going for a walk to achieving one’s goals.

Really speaking, what is being upheld by all these people is the : a. need and value for pleasure, b. need and value for love, c. need and value for creativity, d. need and value for health, e. need and value for achievement and productivity.    

Really speaking, what is being upheld by all these people is Dharma, universal values and principles that sustain society. The more one recognises that the basis of all human functioning is Dharma, the less conflicts one has with oneself or others. Principles of love, value, compassion, justice, productivity, creativity, achievement are universal not spiritual and hence cannot be boxed in something ‘spiritual that one does’ at certain times. It concerns your life as a whole.

The beginning of what goes in the name of spirituality is not some mumbo-jumbo or doing some esoteric practices but the honest and practical living of dharma in daily life. In fact much of Buddhism and Jainism drawing heavily from Sanatana dharma or Hinduism has its bedrock foundation as dharma.

Bringing dharma into all areas of our life is a challenge. It is not easy and hence I invite you to this course  that 104 others across the world have already taken..

A useful course on Dharma on Udemy, the online learning platform by its first ever Hindu monk –

Discover the joy and wisdom of dharma in life now – Living the good life is living a life of dharma .

By doing the course:

  • You will be able to discover the richness and simplicity of the ancient guide of dharma in your life and in your heart
  • You will see that all conflicts in relationships are due to dharma not being upheld and hence you will be able to resolve conflicts by realigning your life
  • You will be able to balance the different areas of your life because you are now grounded in dharma
  • You will be more joyful as you will be able to uphold your interconnectedness with everything
  • Further, you will be able to Change wisely, Open your heart to your relationships and hence life, Value and embrace your relationships and rejoice in them

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