The tradition of learning has been sustained by a wholehearted giving of knowledge. Unique to the tradition is a practice of offering some form of wealth to the guru called guru dakshina. In the earlier days, it would have been money, gold, cows, land or food-grains – anything the giver considered valuable which would sustain the work of the guru and the gurukulam (literally, the students forming the family of the guru or the teaching institution).

Many years ago, when I studied with my guru-s (in Mumbai) and in an intensive residential 3 year course in the gurukulam, there were no fees. Yes. No fees for the living arrangements, food, books, time given and the teaching, for three years! And, there were more than eighty of us in the course!

A teaching-learning relationship is different from any other relationship in that the student is not a consumer and is not getting educational services like in a school or college. Yet, the gurukulam, teaching institution and its running costs were sustained by the contributions we and many others made in terms of money, time and resources.
We gave because we were helping to sustain something bigger and greater than us.
We gave because we were blessed.
We gave and we wanted to give more because of the joy in giving.
We gave because we are a part of a glorious tradition that gives.

Continuing to serve the tradition, we teach without any charges for Vedanta classes or courses. As monks, we do not earn for a living nor do we teach Vedanta for a living. Our living revolves only around a single commitment of teaching and sharing what we have received from our guru-s. We give because we can give.

The only pre requisite to our giving is a hunger for self knowledge and a willingness to learn and receive, on the part of the student.

If you wish to contribute to our work, you will help with the following:
1. Travel, food and general supplies for classes, workshops and public events conducted.
2. Living expenses of food, stay and travel for the teacher.
3. Purchase and maintenance of audio-video equipment, online subscriptions and purchase of software, by which the teachings are made available to people across the world.

Since the bank account has replaced the receiving bowl for the monk, for bank transfers, the details are:
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